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ChinaDivision’s Smarter 3PL improves ecommerce fulfillment

Retail has never been more competitive and complex. Ecommerce needs to be viewed in concert with all your retail strategies: brick and mortar, third party marketplaces like Amazon, and your own online store. ChinaDivision’s experience as an omni-channel provider means we understand the entire retail landscape, making us uniquely qualified to help you manage the challenges of selling across all retail platforms. ChinaDivision helps you navigate the complexities that are unique to ecommerce. Let our experienced team help design a Direct-to-Consumer solution that is right for your brand.

Our distribution centers are integrated with customized warehouse management systems, radio frequency handheld scanning, and labor management systems that allow us to manage all warehouse operations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

We seamlessly integrate order processing, inventory and shipping data with all ecommerce platforms, ensuring fulfillment speed and data accuracy. Timely access to all your data with powerful, customized reporting tools ensures you receive business intelligence that informs strategy and decision making.

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