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Tips for Faster Delivery during African-American Parade and COVID-19

Still confused about how to ship your e-commerce order in a faster way? Maybe this article will help you out. We are going to introduce a competitive chinese shipping center called China Division for you. Here we have listed their advantages for your reference.

  • Convenient location

Located in Shenzhen, we can reduce more transit time since it is near the international parcel processing centre——Hongkong. Therefore, you will not only improve your user experience of china warehousing, but attract more customers to sent orders to you.

Isn’t this the best way to ship board games?

  • Professional visitor reception and customer service

China Division has created an experienced service team for better Customer satisfaction, you can share your problems and suggestions with them, they will spare no effort to help you. Besides, you can check our order fulfillment case show of KickstarterAmazonShopify, eBay, AliExpress, etc.

  • Good order fulfillment performance

China Division will pay special attention to every details Whether it is a sample order or an order from our old customer, covering receiving product, retaining QA (Quality Assurance) product samples, rotating stock, etc. Our warehouse teams, in conjunction with our customized warehouse management system, handle all of these processes and help you manage your inventory worldwide in time.

  • More discounts

Taking advantage of our volume discounts for domestic and international shipping, our combined customer orders enable us to leverage our purchasing power for steep discounts. You can share the savings with your customers or use it in other ways.

  • Abundant delivery channels

The following picture shows our various delivery channels, you can communicate with our customer service team for more details.

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