Crowdfunding eMail Marketing:Strategies Make Your Campaign Successful

How to make your crowdfunding campaign successful? What method is the most effective? The answer is obvious. Send emails to the right people at the right time.

This is a real and effective strategy tested in many crowdfunding projects. A survey found that the conversion rate of email is 34% higher than other outreach activities.

So why is crowdfunding email marketing effective? Because it is more personalized, highly targeted, and easy to track and replicate.

What Crowdfunding eMail Marketing Strategies Make Your Campaign ALIVE

Who Is the “Right One” You Should Email?

The recommended strategy is to divide your email contacts into three main categories. Personal networks, potential early supporters, and strangers. Then, use a different strategy for each mailing list.


Personal network

This list usually contains friends, family members, and committee members who are very enthusiastic about your project. Please note that to make the project progress more smoothly, please obtain 30% of the target funding within 48 hours after the project launched.

This is a vote of confidence for other supporters; just crossing your inner circle, you are more likely to raise the remaining 70% from a wider audience.

Now that you know these people, it is not difficult to collect and organize their lists. When sending emails to this group, personalize the content of the emails as much as possible. They will be grateful when you send more personal support requests because they may know you personally.

Early supporter list

In addition to your personal network, you also need to make a list of early supporters. This is a larger team composed of everyone else who may be interested, so there is a good chance that your project can be supported.

Stranger list

Reaching out to people you already know and getting early support from the committee’s contacts is a great way to get your campaign started.

But these are not enough. It would be best if you used more channels to promote your crowdfunding project to get support. Get more donations from strangers.


When Is the “Right Time” You Should Email?

The timing of the email is critical for your crowdfunding email. When the release date approaches, you should plan to send four emails. This will help to have the most significant impact immediately after the launch and reach the fundraising goal as soon as possible.

1. One week before

Sending an email at this time will let your audience know that your crowdfunding plan will be launched soon and is eligible for secret sharing. They can share the landing page with friends, including links to social media and pre-written messages (embedded “click to share”) to promote social sharing.

2. Three days before

Share the details of your special offer. For anyone who contributed within the first 48 hours, we recommend giving a discount. Many different early discounts or similar privileges to attract more mail receivers.

3. Launch day

Notify your mailing list, the event is still activated, and they can claim their allowance for a limited time. Make sure to use call-to-action buttons (Contribute Now! Pre-Order, etc.) above and in the middle of the email, including product images.

4. Two weeks later

Send this email to everyone on this list who hasn’t donated yet, and provide them with the last special offer (although not as good as the original offer) to convince them. Check the list of contributors to avoid sending them emails.

How ChinaDivision Helps Crowdfunding Campaigns

ChinaDivision has a lot of crowdfunding experience, and we have helped many startups run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Our platform integrates Kickstarter directly to help you run and fulfill your crowdfunding campaign by offering you the best advice and the most affordable shipping solutions. We can help you plan your fulfillment costs and send rewards to your backers wherever they are.

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