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How to Find Good Dropshipping Suppliers?

What Are Good Suppliers

Good suppliers tend to have many common attributes, as follows.

1. Dedicated Professional Support Representatives

Good suppliers have knowledgeable sales representatives who really know the industry and their product lines. And they should assign you an individual sales representative who is responsible for taking care of you and solve any issues you have timely.

2. Invested in Technology

Technology has many benefits and good suppliers recognize it and invest in it heavily to help and ease the business. Features such as real-time inventory, a comprehensive online catalog, customizable data feeds, and online searchable order history can help you streamline your operations.

3. Organized and Efficient

Good suppliers have competent staff and great systems that result in efficient and mostly error-free fulfillment. However, without actually using it, it’s difficult to know how competent a supplier is. If you place an order, you can pay attention to the quality of service, delivery times, packaging, and other supplier-related questions, including the following aspects:

  • The process that they handle the order
  • The speed that the items ship out
  • The speed they follow up with tracking information and an invoice
  • The quality of the pack job when the item arrives

How To Find Dropshipping Suppliers

1. Contact the Manufacturer

2. Use Google Search

3. Attend a Trade Show

4. Join Industry Networks and Groups


  1. Be wary of fake suppliers. There are two ways to distinguish fake suppliers. One is that suppliers almost never sell products at wholesale prices to the general public. Another is that experienced and reputable suppliers don’t require potential partners to pay monthly fees just for access to their products. If you encounter suppliers have the opposite behavior, you should be aware that they may be fake suppliers.

2. Punctuality. Punctuality is important for the reason that it is related to shipping. The shipping times must be established and met.