How to Choose the Right Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Store?

Shopify is one of the best platforms for starting a dropshipping store. You can receive access to nice design tools, over 2000 apps with dozens of dropshipping apps, and payment processing settings that help you secure your transactions and expedite the checkout process from it. Using apps that make your operations efficient is a way to offset the cost of products as well as growing sales.

This article will introduce how to choose Shopify apps for your dropshipping store and 9 top apps that cover your marketing, store design, etc.

How to Choose

There are 5 steps to choose Shopify apps:


You can filter the available apps by category that covers marketing, sales, shipping, etc, and collections that include launching your shop, growing your business, managing a POS, etc, and also by price, just according to your goal and feature demand. Thus you have a list of apps to compare and choose.

2.Check Review Scores

It is useful to filter the Shopify apps by their review scores. Look for apps that have a large volume of high scores across a consistent length of time. Both quality and quantity are important for the reason that apps with a small number of high scoring reviews may not accurately reflect the apps’ capabilities. Don’t purchase an expensive app with several similar reviews which may be left by the developer’s friends and family.

3.Request for A Live Demo

Many popular apps provide a link to request for a live demo where you can check out how the app functions in real-time. If it’s a front-end app, this will help you better envision how the app will look like on your store. And otherwise it’s a back-end app, this will help you how the app will speed up and improve your processes.

4.Research the Support

Different apps provide varying levels of support, from the community help to email or phone support, which will show under the “support” section. You should research the level of support of your list apps to find out the apps that provide good support. It is a good idea to refer to the reviews to check out whether the support provided is accessible, timely and reliable or not as well as how accessible support is for any given app integration.

5.Check the Last Updated Time

Recent updates indicate that the app is working to adding more features and improving your experience. Don’t choose an app that hasn’t been updating its features.

9 Top Shopify APPs for Your Dropshipping Store


If you’re looking to increase sales with influencer marketingVwala is your best bet. This Shopify app offers a fully automated influencer/affiliate/referral marketing solution.

The process is fairly straightforward. When you add the app to your online store, you get a branded influencer sign up link. Share this link on social media or embed it on your website to start onboarding influencers.

2. ShopPop

ShopPop offers an all-in-one chat marketing solution that helps you start conversations to grow your business. It combines normally siloed features like live chat, customer support, Facebook/Instagram marketing, automated cart recovery and order notifications.

Add the Shopify app to your store, connect it to your Facebook Business page and you’re ready to go. Automate cart recovery on Messenger, while building an audience for future campaigns. Offer coupons in exchange for email addresses with pop-up widgets that start chat conversations.

3. Yotpo

Yotpo is unmistakably one of the most important product review tools for Shopify. Let users generate product reviews, ratings, site reviews through Yotpo’s review emails or on-site with Review Widgets. Showcase this UGC on your store, product pages, at checkout or on your social channels.

Build a brand community and increase sales while basing your decisions on data analytics and customer feedback. Yotpo integrates with a bunch of other tools, including Hubspot, Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

It’s set up with a single click, and the free plan already offers all the essential features.

4. Product Reviews helps you collect and display reviews about your products and Shopify store. This increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by leveraging your user-generated content. It has an unlimited forever-free plan with no limit on orders or requests while also provides paid features such as photo reviews, facebook social push, etc.

5. Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges is trusted by over 30,000 businesses in 90 countries. Its +300 free badges that match your store’s design. So you can customize your store’s message, colors, alignment, size and more. Moreover, it increases customers’ trust with badges to boost your store’s sales.

6. Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping bar promotes your free shipping offers with progressive messages and a cart goal and motivates your customers to increase cart values and boost sales. Moreover, it displays different free shipping offers based on country, pages, device and time period and optimizes your revenue boost from free shipping.

7. SmartrMail

SmartrMail is an email marketing tool to rival the likes of Mailchimp. It saves you a bunch of time and resources by letting you automate your email marketing to delight your customers and boost sales and engagement.

Whether it’s win back, abandoned cart, or thank you emails, SmartrMail lets you hyperpersonalize your communications. Designing emails is done quickly and easily by using templates and filling these with your products.

8. DelightChat

In today’s day and age, brands and their customers are online and active on every channel. Providing fast, friendly and helpful support is the default expectation. It can even drive revenue and help you retain more customers.

With DelightChat‘s omnichannel support inbox, you can respond to customer queries from every channel like email, FB Messenger, FB/IG post & ad comments, WhatsApp, and a bunch of others – all from a single screen. You can collaborate within the app, tag important conversations, check customer and your Shopify store’s order details, derive insights from clean & clear analytics, all the while delivering stellar support.

9. PageFly

PageFly Advanced Page Builder lets you take more control of your store by creating landing pages, product pages, contact us and about pages as well as FAQs. It works with any theme and offers over 60 page templates to help you get started.

Increase your page speed with Lazy loading, add countdown timers to tap into visitors’ FOMO and display social proof by integrating with review and ratings apps like Yotpo, Loox and many more. All year round 24/7 customer support via chat is a definite plus.