Six Effective Strategies For Ehancing Your Dropshipping Sales

Whether you need to drive new customers to your store, push existing traffic to conversion, or maintain previous shoppers’loyalty, we have a strategic blend of time-proven and fresh marketing strategies to rocket your sales and sustain successful dropshipping businesses.

1. Build trust by adding customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your site

If you run a dropshipping website, the tendency is for shoppers to be skeptical about the quality of the products you’re selling at first. This is why adding customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your online store is a good way to build your visitor’s trust. Product reviews will help new visitors to see what the previous buyers experienced about a product. By doing so, it can motivate a potential buyer to complete a purchase. For example, dropshipping store owners from AliExpress usually take a snapshot of a customer’s  feedback from their supplier’s store and then post it to their website. Although, as you grow your online store, it is imperative that you build your own product reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

2. Run Facebook Ads/TikTok Ads to suit your marketing goal and budget

Using Facebook Ads is highly customizable depending on your audience, goal, and budget. You can choose the format of your ads and select where you want your ads to be seen which includes Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger, and the most recent platform, Workplace. Plus, it allows you to manage your ads and measure the results, all in one advertising platform.

In addition to Facebook ads, today’s dropshipping sellers have another option to promote their products: TikTok ads. With more than 500 million active users worldwide, TikTok is emerging as the next hot place for advertisers to put in some serious effort. According to an experiment by Juggletopp, even with a lower ad budget, TikTok resulted in many more clicks and impressions than Facebook did. Princess Polly, an online clothing retailer that originates from Australia, was looking for a new marketing strategy to drive more traffic and increase sales. Taking notice of TikTok’s potential, they decided to run a discount code campaign using auction ads on TikTok. It ended up being one of the best discount code campaigns they’ve ever had: over 9 million impressions generated; a 1.05% click-through rate; and an impressive 15X return on ad spend.

3. Share social videos to drive traffic and engagement

By 2021, social videos will continuously grow as online videos are forecasted to make up more than 81% of all consumer web traffic making it one of the most forms of marketing today. This is a signal for dropshipping businesses to shift their marketing focus to using video content to promote their store or market their product that will amplify brand awareness and recall. For example, Make Beauty shares sneak peek how-to videos on its social media accounts and then redirects their audience to visit their website to watch the full instructional videos.

4. Using retargeting techniques

98% of visitors won’t buy on their first visit. This poses a challenge to dropshipping merchants since traffic is incredibly hard to get. In this situation, retargeting can help you recapture a seemingly lost opportunity. Retargeting is a marketing strategy which targets visitors who have previously visited your eCommerce site but made no action. With the use of retargeting, you can display relevant ads to those visitors who have left your site. Once retargeted with display ads, these visitors are 70% more likely to convert on your site.The picture below visually illustrates how retargeting works.

5. Start a blog that drives organic traffic to your dropshipping business

Blog marketing is an low-cost strategy to reach your target market via a blog as a medium. The core benefit of blog marketing is to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your dropshipping business. You can also use blog contents to push previous visitors a reason to return. But more importantly, one of the most vital purposes of blog marketing is its ability to boost your SEO results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of processes that optimize your content to enhance your organic or “free” traffic. The better you streamline your blog entries for SEO, the higher your website will be listed on a search engine’s results page. The better your ranking, the more probability that people can discover and become aware of your dropshipping business.

6. Capture visitors into subscribers with compelling email pop-ups

Within the first 15 seconds of their visit, 55% of website visitors leave a website. This is why capturing your visitors’ email addresses is a crucial step towards lead conversion. However, to effectively turn your visitors into subscribers, you need to employ a marketing strategy that attracts them to do so. Why not incentivize an email pop-up form to motivate them into joining your email list? Once you have their email addresses, you can nurture those leads with a series of email marketing contents to engage them with your dropshipping business and eventually drive them to purchase.